Nt Acts 3 Lifting Burdens

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Started off class by having them silently read Acts 3:1-9
Then showed this video:
We discussed what else or who else can the lame man, Peter & John and the healing represent. They came up with some great answers!
Lame man could be, those without the gospel, us, sin
Peter & John could be missionaries, Savior, us doing baptisms for the dead
Healing could be the words of Christ, Atonement, temple work

After Peter healed the man what did Peter do?

He reached down and helped him up. We discussed how this and the fact that Peter looked the man in the eye was so important.

We watched this wonderful video then discussed simple ways we can lift each others burdens.

After handing them each a paper plate, we headed to the gym.
I got this idea from Shauna, a fellow seminary teacher in West Palm Beach, FL. I made it fit what I was teaching today. The possibilities are endless for using this teaching method. Visit her blog to learn more

The line started at the back of the gym and the goal was to make it to the stage without stepping off the paper plates. The end person had to pick up his and pass it forward.
The leader then placed it on the floor and stepped forward with every one following.Slowly they made their way to the stage. The leader hopped up on the stage and took his right hand, looking at the person and helped him up on the stage. I didn’t even have to “prep” the line leader. It was an automatic response. Just reach down and you have to look at the person so as to make sure they are ready to hop up!one by one they made it to the stageWe headed back to the classroom and discussed how this applies to our lives. They enjoyed this activity!

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