Nt Acts 22-23 Paul

Downloaded from: http://seminarymoments.blogspot.com/2013/03/nt-acts-22-23-paul.html

Who is Paul? What was his occupation? What did he look like? What kind of a voice did he have? Where was he born?

These and many more questions were answered. We took our journals and looked up scriptures to find out:

His Occupation Acts 18:3
 Ability with languages Acts 21:37-40
Birthplace Acts 21:39
His teacher Acts 22:3
Citizenship Acts 22: 25-29
Religious Training Acts 26: 4-5

We learned some of his famous sayings like:

“Money is the root of all evil”

We watched the seminary video “Paul, A Chosen Vessel” and learned that the voice of Paul was whiny yet roared like a lion when elevated, he was 5′ tall, had dark hair, dark skin, dark eyes.

I gave those that wanted a scripture insert, this one found here:

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