Nt Acts 21-26 Scripture Football

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Are you ready for some FOOTBALL??(insert the Monday night football TV announcer voice)
I played this game with my primary kids YEARS ago:
Scripture Football

Today, using Acts 21-26, I wrote out some questions.

The class was divided into two teams, they sat in two circles with their scriptures. I gave the scripture passage, read the question and gave them 15 seconds to find the answer. If they got the correct answer, the team could pick a football player. On the back of the players I had, “fumble”, “touch down”, “1st down”, “Field Goal”.

Touchdown-they got 6 points and could kick for extra point by picking a small football card. On the back of the card it said “Made it” or “Missed” (if they made it 3 pts were added to their score)

1st down-they have to answer another question, then pick a player, and possibly a football card

Field goal- 3 points

Fumble- play goes to other team

This was another fun game for them, and since we are behind a bit, an easy way to cover many chapters easily.

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