Nt Acts 19-21

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Years ago, when I taught in Primary, I made a roller box. It has been years since I thought about it. It seems I have been in the youth programs for ever. There is no better calling and I would simply cry if ever taken out of it!

However, the more I teach seminary, the more I find the simpler things I did in primary, can be tweaked to work with the youth.

I saw on Bro. Simons blog, that he too did it! 

 I have a small class, so Acts 19-21 was divided up into 6 parts.  Each person read their scripture block, wrote a summary, told what the gospel doctrine being taught was and drew pictures…
we turned the lights off and each person came up to tell the story of Paul…
Acts 19: 1-8Acts 19: 21-29Acts 20: 1-12Acts 20: 17-27Acts 21: 1-14Acts 21 15, 27-40
(Warning: This took my class two days to finish, it is best to use brightly colored markers, they will show up easier in the dark and with the light shining behind)

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