Nt Acts 10 Fair?

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As they came into class, I had them line up and gave them each a letter grade, telling them that Bro. Baker (our CES director) needed them.

Some were not pleased with how I decided their grades! Imaging that!

We discussed how they thought I came up with their grades and it was unfair. I was being partial to the taller members of the class.

Until Acts 10, the church had two types of converts.  Those that were Jewish can converted to Christianity AND those that were Gentiles. But the Gentiles had to convert to Judaism first THEN Christianity.

Fair??? Not hardly. 
In Matt. 10:5-6 during the time Christ was on the earth, the Apostles were told NOT to teach the gospel to the Gentiles.

After the death of Christ, Peter was told by revelation it was time to preach the gospel to ALL people.
(Mark 16:15)

How would this change affect the church? How would the Law of Moses be applied to church members that were Gentiles?

Peter had a vision in Acts 10, where he saw a sheet tied at the four corners descending from heaven. On the sheet he saw four footed animals, wild beasts, creeping things, fowls of the air. He was told to “Kill, eat”
Peter said, no, they are unclean. He was told three times to “Kill, Eat”.

We looked up Lev. 11 to refresh our memories why Peter would react this way.
A man by the name of Cornelius, was told in a vision to send men to find Peter and bring him to him. Peter came. In Acts 10: 28 Peter says it was unlawful for him to be in the home of Cornelius. BUT he understood that God was “No respector of Persons” (Acts 10: 34-35)

Read 2 Nephi 26:33 and D&C 130:20-21 for more.

We watched a church video titled Long Promised Day, where a man in Africa longed to become a member of the church. He wrote to Pres. David O McKay expressing this desire but was told not yet. Then In 1978, Pres. Spencer W Kimball announced to the world, all worthy men could receive the priesthood. (see pg 294  in the Doctrine & Covenants, Official Declaration 2)

We are not ready nor can we comprehend all things God has to teach us. In His time, he will reveal all things. The Lord leads His church through His chosen prophets. What a blessing and comfort this gives me.

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