Nt 1&2 Peter

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What is Divine Nature?
How is it developed?
How is it destroyed?

Looking in 2 Peter Chapters 1-2 we found our answers and listed them on the board.

Historical background:
1 Peter:  -Peter was senior apostle to saints in Asia Minor-the government tolerated Christianity/all religions-church was to preach to all the world (Mark 16:15)-Roman monarchs did not like the gospel message of Christ being King of kings-64 AD a fire destroyed much of Rome-Emperor Nero was implicated in the tragedy despite his efforts to help the homeless-in an effort to divert the blame, Nero pointed an accusing finger at the Christians-soon saints throughout the empire were persecuted-this caused anxiety to the saints-Peter wrote to encourage them and remind them of their eternal reward for faithfulness-Peter tells them to:*faithfully endure*be separate and distinct from the world*Christ prepared the way for them*Church leaders are to fee God’s flock*Humbly trust God

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