Nt 100 Days Of Seminary

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To Celebrate 100 days we have been in seminary this year….

I made up 100 Names of Christ bingo game.

Using the topical guide and bible dictionary, I picked out 100 New Testament names or phrases that mean Jesus Christ.

Then using this website: http://print-bingo.com/print-bingo-cards.php  I was able to generate 4 bingo cards on one sheet of paper.

Each student got on page (with had the four cards on).  I read out a scripture reference, they turned to it and decided what name/phrase was Christ. If they had the name on their card, they crossed it off.

This did take two days to complete. We played until everyone had a bingo.  The kids did enjoy this and liked learning that Christ was known as: “The Amen”, “Root and offspring of David”, “King of kings”, “Holy Child”, “Advocate”, “forerunner”, “The Door”….

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