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The newly printed Book of Mormon Scripture Mastery Cards arrived in my mailbox last week.
As quickly as I got excited, I was at the same time quickly frustrated.
Has anyone else had this experience?

Teachers and Students, have any of you noticed this yet?
There are some flaws in the printing of the new Seminary Scripture Mastery Cards:

  • The side with the actual verse printed on it does not have the scripture reference printed on it.
  • The scripture verse is printed so high up on the card that when a hole is punched in the upper corner (which is what we have done for years and years), the hole punch removes a word or portion of the words in the verse. There is no way to avoid this if you want to punch a hole at the top of each card and use a book ring to keep the cards together. I ended up punching a hole in the bottom of the set. It is awkward but it will have to do.
  • It is difficult to put the verses in order because of the missing reference. 

Something that is good????

  • Each set of Scripture Mastery Cards comes with 2 reading charts that will fit nicely inside the cover of a set of scriptures. Super nice and a huge time saver for this teacher.

I reported this to my CES Supervisor who has passed the word along. He was already aware of the flaws. I am certain that since this is a completely new printing and there is a need to get the cards out to all of the eager teachers and students around the world that it was an oversight.I am hoping that if enough Seminary Teachers and Students are frustrated by this new printing, they will report their frustration and a change will come with the next printing.
Many of my students are memorizing the Scripture Mastery verses over the summer. We were so excited to have the new cards early but they are just not as user friendly as they have been in the past. Photo from Seminary Moments Blog

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