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If you look in the “Personal Progress” section of this site, you’ll find posts with information about the Personal Progress board that we’ve been using for the past year.

It looked like this (may look familiar because I’ve talked about it so much!):

That board was great and had a lot of benefits (low cost, bright and colorful, easy to use, etc). Instructions for this board are available in the “Personal Progress” section if you are interested. I have heard so many compliments on this board and it worked for us really well.

With our new Ward YW Presidency (and I use the term ‘new’ loosely, because 3/4 of the Presidency stayed the same!) I’ve really felt like we needed to make some changes to how we handle Personal  Progress. Specifically, we are going to work together more as a Presidency to motivate and inspire the girls to do Personal Progress (instead of having a Personal Progress specialist like we did before).

Some girls have moved in/out and some have completed Personal Progress, so the board needed to be updated because of that, and we also wanted to do something different, just to keep things interesting and exciting for the girls.

(For our new board, I was inspired by this  Personal Progress board – below –  from the Beantown Menzies website)

Instead of one large chart, it is a framed cork-board. I loved it and tried to make something similar. It turned out a little differently, but I’m happy with it!

Here is our new Personal Progress board:

This is about 2′ x 3′ and has a mini-chart* for each girl- so it is easily update-able (you can add/remove girls as needed, or add an honor-bee tracking chart for girls who have completed Personal Progress). We can also add/remove mini-charts for leaders as needed, too! Thats right, we’ve put the YW Presidency members on the board, so that the girls can see that we are working on Personal Progress, too!

Another thing that I like about it is that it will (hopefully) be less intimidating for the girls who are newer (or aren’t as active with Personal Progress) because it doesn’t compare them to each other (each chart is separate) and you have to get really close up to see who has done what.

*To create the mini-charts, I made grids on an excel spreadsheet with the girls name at the top. I put the values down the side and the experience #s and value project across the top. I highlighted each value with its corresponding color. I did something similar with the honor bee charts, but just had 40 spaces to represent the 40 hours of service.

Here is a close-up of the mini-charts to give you a better idea of how I did it:


If you already have a cork-board that you can use, this is a low-cost project (I used some scrapbooking embellishments and letter stickers for decoration). Even if you don’t have a cork-board already, you can purchase one about this size for about $15.00

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