New Beginnings And New Beehives

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We try and do something special during New Beginnings for the girls coming into the Young Women program. We give them boxes like these at the beginning of the evening, and explain that they are empty but they will be given things throughout the evening to place inside.

As the girls explain their class statements and symbols during the program, they present the new Beehives with a card and a goody to place inside their boxes. You can see more about that and download the tags here.

Then when it is time to introduce the new Beehives, the older girls will share some things they have learned about them. You can download this get-to-know-you sheet here.

They will then give them their torch pendant to place inside their boxes.

Finally, at the end of the evening we have a gift for all the young women to take home. This year we have small planners that have this “Come Unto Christ card” card tucked into the inside of the cover.

We will be encouraging the girls to make goals to come unto Christ, and to use their planners to keep track of their progress. You can download the card insert here.

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