New Beginnings 2015- Embark Airlines


Our New Beginnings theme was “Embark Airlines” – this idea of a pretend flight has been used in a variety of ways in different organizations over the years, and others have done this same thing this year to go along with our youth theme, so I am borrowing heavily from many sources that I can’t pinpoint. Basically, we put on a fake airplane flight in our chapel overflow room. All current YW participated and all 11 year old girls who turn 12 this year and their parents were invited to attend. Everyone was excited to do something out of the ordinary for New Beginnings this year!

We sent personalized airline ticket invitations to each incoming beehive. I also posted this advertisement on Facebook.

The YW were very involved in the planning. All class presidency members became flight-attendants. They planned all of this themselves (how they would look like flight attendants, who had which assignments, etc). Our girls decided to wear scarves, make name tags, and wear black skirts or pants so that they all looked uniform. One girl took “tickets” at the door and passed out programs. Another girl passed out YW theme cards, FTSOY books, and barf-bags that we had made (brown paper sacks that said “barf bag” – just for fun, but they could also use them to carry home their handouts). Another girl demonstrated the emergency procedures. The others passed out the refreshments (peanuts & water that we had decorated and assembled during the previous Mutual).

Here are some of our flight attendants and a close-up of the name tags. Sorry, I don’t have any of these saved to share with you, but I made everything on picmonkey site, like I always do and its very easy to create your own printables and/or postables.

Chairs were arranged in the overflow like an airplane would be, with a row down the middle. My Counselor and I sat up in the front (facing the group) and acted as pilot & co-pilot. I used a microphone to sound more “legit” as I conducted from the “cockpit”. See my script at the bottom of this post.

Although all of the other young women were passengers, we assigned all of them at least one job as well. Here is the program we used (most of the blanks were filled by non-class-presidency-member yw because the flight attendants were busy with their duties):

_______________ Ward New Beginnings 2015
Pilot: ___________________ (Young Women President)Co-Pilot: _______________ (2nd Counselor in the Young Women Presidency)Flight Attendants (Class Presidency members): ______________ _____________ _______________
Welcome Aboard!
In-Flight Opening Song: “Put your Shoulder to the Wheel” In-Flight Chorister: _________________Opening Prayer: ______________
Emergency Procedures & YW Theme (Flight Attendants)
Introduction of First Time Flyers (the 11 year old girls): ___________________
Introduction of Frequent Flyers (the young women): _____________________
(Light Snack will be served, please remain seated)
In-Flight Entertainment: ______________ _________________ ____________________ ____________________
Introduction to the 2015 youth theme: Beehive Class
In-Flight Movie: “O Ye that Embark”
Statement from the Air-Marshal __________ Read More

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