New Beginnings 2014

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This week we had our “New Beginnings” activity. Our main focus was to help the incoming 11 year old girls feel welcome and accepted, and to help both them and their parents start to understand the Young Women program (and all that is involved!)  

We made photo-print invites for the 11 year old girls & their parents and passed them out 2 weeks before the event. This was before we had settled on a theme/color scheme, so the invitation doesn’t ‘go’ with the rest of the decorations, etc! :)

I found these paper products on sale, and I thought the black/white/pink and animal print would be perfect for the occasion! We also found coordinating balloons and printed a “New Beginnings” banner for the wall (see last photo below)GOODIE BAGS:
We made coordinating goodie bags for all of the yw (and the 11-year-old girls)
I went to Deseret Bookstore and found some pink & black items for the goodie bags- black pencils and pink bookmark/cards that have the 2014 youth theme, “Come Unto Christ”. I also threw in some striped Hersheys Kisses “Hugs”. Total cost per bag: @$1.25  


I made this photo collage using picmonkey collage  & posted it on facebook as a reminder for our YW & parents of the 11-yr old girls


“New Beginnings” – An Annual Eventfor the Young Women of  _______________________________________________________________ Ward
Conducting: _________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ (Laurel Class President)
Young women theme (please stand)Welcome –  _________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ (Young Women president)  “Getting to Know You” Activity  Introduction to the Young Women Program – Leaders & Young Women


Closing Prayer & Blessing on the Refreshments –  _________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _____________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ ___ Refreshments 
(I also included this information on the back of the program):YOUNG WOMEN & LEADERS: Laurel Class (16-18):  (insert names) Mia Maid Class (14-15):Beehive Class (12-13): Incoming Beehives (2014):  Young Women Leaders---

Young Women Values (and colors)Faith (white), Divine Nature (blue), individual worth (red), knowledge (green), choice & accountability (orange), good works (yellow), integrity (purple),       and virtue (gold) ---
YOUNG WOMEN LINGO:“Mutual” – Wednesday night youth activities          “YW” – abbreviation for Young Women (girls ages 12-18)“YM” – abbreviation for Young Men (boys ages 12-18)“Combined Activity” – Young Women & Young Men together for a Mutual activity “All-girls Activity” – a Mutual activity with all of the Young Women classes together       “Personal Progress” – a goal-setting & achievement program for young women, including experiences and projects for each of the 8 yw value categories
INTRODUCTION TO THE YW PROGRAM:For this portion of the activity, we had divided the main aspects of the YW program up into sections (Personal Progress, Sunday classes, Mutual, Camp, etc) and the Presidency took turns giving a brief explanations of what they are about. We also pre-arranged for a different YW to come up with us for each explanation and share what their favorite part of (whatever it is) has been. For example, I explained what Mutual is and what kinds of things we do for activities. One of the YW got up with me and told about her favorite Mutual activity from the last year. We did this with every category to give a good overview of the kinds of things they can expect when they start YW. (We had planned this all out at the end of one of our recent Mutual activities).
GAME: One of my Counselors came up with a game to get to know the incoming Beehives without embarrassing them. They were each asked to fill out a survey* (ahead of time) and then some of our current YW were asked to represent a specific 11-year old girl in a mock game-show. They even wore over-sized name-tags (with the name of the person they were representing on it). Our Laurel class President tried to guess who each girl was representing based on her answers to the survey questions. It was set up kind of like the dating game – the 3 contestants were separated from the girl asking the question) by a chalkboard. She would ask girl #1, girl #2, and girl #3 the same question (and those yw would answer using the survey answers the 11-year old girls had given). Then when she thought she had enough info, she tried to guess who was who. See photo below.  
This was a really fun night.

*Here are the survey questions we used:   #1- Does she have a favorite hymn or primary church song? (if not, what is your favorite non-church song?)

#2- What is her favorite food?

#3- What is her favorite color?

#4- What is her favorite book?

#5- What does she like to do for fun?

#6- Does she have any siblings? If so, how many?

#7- What is she most excited about when it comes to being in the Young Women program at age 12?

#8- What is her favorite thing about church?#9- What color is her bedroom?

#10- Do she feel comfortable with public speaking (ie, giving talks, etc)?

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