Names on the Learning Assessment?

By Julie Jones Julie Jones:
Tomorrow I am giving the assessment and I noticed in preparing it today that the students do not put their names on their papers. Is this correct?
(6 hours ago)

Kathy Rinehart Arnold: Make sure you are giving the learning assessment and not the basic doctrine one. And yes they do need their names on them. (6 hours ago) 2

Julie Jones: where do I find that? (6 hours ago)

Cindy Hixon Westenskow: there are two parts to the test. One has their name on it. The other is a self assessment thing that they don’t need to put their name on. They actually keep it. (6 hours ago)

Kathy Rinehart Arnold: You find it on the SI website under prepare a lesson. There is a link for it. Download either form A or B. (6 hours ago)

Tina Aeschbacher: They put thier name on the answer key only. (6 hours ago)

Shauna Hostetler: Julie, that is the “old” version on WISE, you have to go Educator on the SI Website and enter “Assessment” in the search bar in the upper right. It is not a direct way to find it. Ask Bro J if you need help. There are 3 parts to the assessment, the multiple choice, the written, and the application. I had them self-grade their assessments for immediate feedback, it was effective. I had them circle their answers on the question sheet then give me their answer sheet before I gave the the correct answer sheet so they could see how they did. Read More

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