My Family Is My Family

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Use children to assemble a “family”. Have them hold signs that say Mom, Dad, Sister, Brother. Sing Here We Are Together.

Beforehand, assemble “families”, makes piles containing signs for each family member.
A child chooses a pile. Hand them a sign then invite other children to hold the other signs in that “family”. Sing. Repeat.


  • Large Family – “♪ there’s Father & Mother & Brother & Brother & Sister & Brother & Sister and Brother… ♫”
  • Small Family/One Parent Family- “♪ there’s Father & Sister & then there’s a Brother… ♫”
  • Living with Grandparents – “♪ there’s Grandma & Grandpa & Sister and Brother… ♫”
  • Family of all Girl Children -“♪ there’s Father & Mother & Sister & Sister… ♫”
  • Family of all Boy Children – “there’s Father & Mother & Brother & Brother, & Brother & Brother & then the other Brother! ♫”
  • Adding – new siblings – adoption
  • Any other family combinations you can think of

*Perhaps use personal examples here, if you’re comfortable with that.

Explain that every family is different. No matter who your parents are or where they are, they still love you very much.

***********It should be obvious not to combine the family into a way that it not supported in Family: A Proclamation to the World



  • My kids had a blast with this one! They thought it was hilarious when the family was huge and we kept singing and singing and singing…
  • This one can be tricky for a Pianist to follow (when you’re changing the lyrics and the length every time, yikes), so warn the Pianist or sing it acapella.
  • Be forewarned: They giggle when a child has a sign of the opposite sex. I tried to avoid this, but it still happened.
  • Be prepared for hard questions. I had a CTR 4 blurt out “There’s no Mom! Where’s the Mom? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE MOM!?!?!?”. Be prepared to gently answer the tough ones that may come up.
  • I really brought it home and shared personal examples in SR – even examples of divorce and whatnot. And yes, I cried while I shared. (That’s just me, I cry a lot)

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