My Country Patriotic Primary Song

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My Country

This is my country! 
I sing it with pride
Whether it’s desert 
sand duned and wide,


Mountains with pine trees, 
land iceberg bound.

It’s here where my home 
and my loved ones are found.

I put together 8 visual aids to help teach the song.  They each have pictures to show images from the song and all but one shows key words.  I had kids come up and hold the visual aids.  We went through each sign adding that part of the song and singing it.  After each time we sang the song, the children would go pick someone who had not had a turn to come to the front and hold the sign.  
They also had to put themselves in the correct order.
I taped sticks to the back so that the kids can hold them up. 
When you are looking at visual aids from the back it’s hard to tell what they are.  I always number them so I know they are in the right order, and I often have the words back there to remind me which visual aid goes with which words.
These took an afternoon to make.  They would also be great using photos or drawings.  Imagine a photo of pine trees on a mountain or a real desert.  Those would be just as fabulous.  In fact I wish I had thought of it first!

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