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I have a small room for my seminary classroom. It was manageable when we had shorter tables. BUT someone removed the short tables and I had to get the long ones that are stored under the stage. It took my son and me THREE hours of moving things around to come up with this:
I am hopeful this configuration will give us the space we need to maneuver around the room when needed.

When I lived in San Diego, I attended an adult Institute class. The teacher taught us this timeline for the Book of Mormon. It makes things a bit clearer in my mind.

It starts with Lehi’s family in Jerusalem, they travel in the wilderness for 8 years (going back for the plates and Ismael’s family)
Ismael dies, they build a boat, Lehi dies. Nephi separates himself along with the righteous. (City and Land of Nephi is the big N)Due to wickedness of the Nephites, gGod warns King Mosiah I and the righeous to depart the land of Nephi. They join the Mulekites in Zarahemla.
The “Z” at the top of the timeline stands for Zarahemla. There are 3 kings who reside in Zarahemla (Mosiah I, Benjamin, and Mosiah II), and 3 kings who end up in the land of Nephi (Zeniff, Noah, and Limhi). The kings are represented by the crowns.) Zeniff’s people traveled to the land of Nephi and ended up being in bondage to the Lamanites until Limhi’s people were brought back to Zarahemla, thus the “squiggly lines”. 
Mosiah I dies, The four sons of Mosiah go on a mission for 14 years. Since there are no more kings, system of judges is established. Amulek and Alma (the younger) are also on a mission.
Captain Moroni and the Title of Liberty, Helaman and 2000 stripling warriors, Samuel the Lamanite prophecies at Zarahemla…5 years to Christ’s birth. Savior appears to the Nephies (3 Nephi) 200 years of peace. Mormon and Moroni become commanders as the Nephites are slowly destroyed. Moroni’s last entry on the plates is 421 AD…The End  (For better pictures and explanation you can go to this blog.)

I thought a visual of what the sources of the Gold Plates would be awesome! 
 Here is my rendition of the Gold Plates We have the Brass plates, Large and small plates of Nephi, Plates of Ether. All of these comprise the Gold Plates.
Taking the information from this lesson on, I came up with what books in the Book of Mormon came from what plates.

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