Mothers Day Activity / Childcare Seminar

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Every year (on a Wednesday night close to Mother’s Day), we have a special activity when Moms are invited to attend Mutual with the Young Women. In the past we have usually played games and done makeovers, that sort of thing.

This year, our Beehive class presidency has planned an all-girls (joint) Mothers Day activity that is a little different. When planning our Mutual activities, one of the Beehive class presidency really wanted to do a “childcare seminar” (an idea called “future roles” found on the Mutual planning site on here). We talked about having some of the mothers of YW come for that activity and they could do the teaching (talk about changing diapers, etc) at various stations.

While we were planning that activity, I suddenly remembered that we hadn’t planned anything for our annual Mothers Day activity. Since there was only one week available to do the seminar, and that happened to be the Wednesday before Mother’s Day, we decided to combine the two.

1. INVITES: Make invitations for the mothers (and/or grandmothers, stepmothers, aunts, etc) of all YW in our ward* and hand them out the week before the activity

2. SEMINAR: Ask some of the mothers who are likely to attend to teach a small section of the childcare seminar (nothing too complicated – maybe how to change a diaper, how to keep small children entertained, how to baby-proof your house, etc). You could have them speak to everyone as a group, or have them assigned to stations that the yw will rotate through. We have one mother who has taught kindergarden for 20 years, and we had to tell us (and show us) how to read books to children- it was AWESOME!!!

3. GAMES: Since this is a baby-themed activity, I thought it would be fun to play some baby-shower games. I thought the YW would appreciate some of the “grosser” games –

“Name That Poopy” (click on the first photo below (from Lil Luna) to go to the Lil Luna website, which explains this game:

The other game we did was “Blindfolded Baby Diapering” – we got a doll and a stack of disposable newborn diapers. The diaper-changer would be blind-folded, then (starting with an undiapered doll and an unopened diaper) see how quickly they could put the diaper on. One at a time, girls (or moms) could come up and compete for the fastest time. I kept time and one of the YW kept track of scores. A mom and one of the girls tied for 1st place (both getting the job done in 6 seconds!)

Another idea we had (but didn’t have time to actually do during our activity) was “Guess the Baby Food” (photo from Martin Lane Designs). Click on the photo to go to Martin Lane Designs for the instructions:

I bought some bottles of nail polish and put them in little bags to give as prizes for the game winners, like they usually do at baby showers.

#4 FOOD:  The gang had already started eating the refreshments before I could get over there for a photo, but hopefully you can see from the remains here that we had “towers” of (stacked) mini powdered donuts, chocolate chip cookies, and Hostess Sno-balls. The towers of treats were decorated with edible fondant roses and paper lace doilies. We also served pink lemonade!

Happy Mothers Day!
*We would never want any young woman to feel left out, so we need to be aware of sensitive situations. Last year when we did makeovers, we had 2 sisters, so their mother and aunt came. For this year’s activity, there isn’t any ‘pairing off’, so it should not be as awkward if someone’s mother can’t be there. We always make it very clear that we want ALL YW at the activity, whether their mother can attend or not. In the past when we’ve paired off for games and some mothers didn’t show up, YW leaders stepped in as substitute mothers.

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