Mosiah 5-6 Change Of Heart

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Mosiah 5-6: 

“If you are not in the process of becoming the
 person you want to be, you are automatically 
engaged in becoming the person you don’t want

 to be” -Dale Dale Carnegie
Elder Bednar said: “As we choose to follow the master, we choose to be changed”

King Benjamin’s people had a mighty Change of heart. Is change easy? As in the case of King Benjamin’s people, the change was easy and came quickly. That is not always the case.

I gave each of them an ice cube, that contained something inside. They were to hold it in their hand and let it melt. One comment I heard was, “It is so cold” Change can be painful.

Once the ice melted, they found a heart left behind. I had to freeze the ice in layers, in order for the heart to not float to the surface
 Make sure to give them towels to catch the drips as the ice melts

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