Mosiah 27 Repent From Sin

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This wonderful talk by L. Tom Perry started off our lesson:

I was on an airplane a few weeks ago on my way home. On the seat next to mine was a news magazine opened to an article which intrigued me. It was entitled “The Doubting American—A Growing Breed” (U.S. News and World Report, 26 Feb. 1979, p. 74). Its message was that belief, the energizer of progress and the cement of civilization since the dawn of history, is running into trouble. People no longer have confidence in their government leaders. They think business does not have the integrity it once had, and even more alarming, a survey indicated there is less feeling regarding their obligation to religion.The conclusion to the questions asked on religion was that organized religion is not playing a central role in the religious lives of a sizable portion of the unchurched. Many feel that they can go it alone.Then the article went on to point out that young people gave replies like: “Why should I do something for another person? We do not see anymore why we shouldn’t steal, why we shouldn’t commit adultery, why we should honor our mother and our father.”I would guess it would be only natural in a world beset by one major problem after another that fears and doubts would trouble the souls of mankind. How contrary, however, is the lesson of history that man within himself cannot solve his problems. How fallacious is the thinking that one can be a law unto himself. How wrong it is to believe each individual can establish his own moral code, standards for honesty, and principles to be governed by. I have not found in history the success of any peoples who attempted to live under such an order. In fact, history has recorded that those civilizations which have been able to establish a value standard, a central belief, a uniting together, have experienced the greatest progress.What happened in 1979, was happening in the Book of Mormon and is still happening now!

The rising generation we learned about in Mosiah 26 included Alma the younger and the son’s of Mosiah!

Alma, Ammon, Aaron, Omner and Himni were going persecuting those that belonged to the Church.
An angel came and spoke to them. Alma the younger was so astonished, he fell to the earth!  (Mosiah 27:12, 19) He was carried to his father, Alma (verse 20) where hearing what happened, he REJOICED! Imagine that!
He was so happy that his prayers had finally been answered

To sum up our lesson, this is what the class came up with…

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