Mosiah 26 Sin

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What must we do in order to repent and seek forgiveness?

Mosiah 26: 29-32Alma is taught by the Lord what those seeking forgiveness must do in order to repent.
Confession of sins leads to forgivenessThe Lord will forgive those who repent in the sincerity of their heartsWe must forgive others to receive the Lord’s forgiveness

I love what Elder Theodore M. Burton said in the Aug. 1988 Ensign article entitled:The Meaning of Repentance
The more serious the sin, the greater the effort it takes to repent. But if we work daily at turning completely to the Lord, we can stand blameless before the Savior. The key is to allow the Lord to complete the healing process without reopening the wound. Just as it takes time for a wound of the body to heal, so it takes time for a wound of the soul to heal.If I cut myself, for example, the wound will gradually heal. But as it heals, it may begin to itch, and if I scratch it, it may open up again and take longer to heal. But there is a greater danger. If I scratch the wound, it may become infected from the bacteria on my fingers. I may poison the wound and lose that part of my body or even my life!We must allow injuries to follow their prescribed healing course. If they are serious, we must see a doctor for skilled help. So it is with injuries to the soul. Allow the injury to follow its prescribed healing course without “scratching” it through vain regrets. If the transgression requires ecclesiastical confession, go to your bishop and get spiritual help. It may hurt as he disinfects the wound and sews it back together, but it will heal properly that way.As you undergo the process of repentance, be patient. Be active with positive, righteous thoughts and deeds so that you can become happy and productive again.

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