Moroni 8…

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Moroni 8…..played bingo

 This is a fun activity. I give a clue, they look up the scripture

 for the answer, then look on their Bingo card for the word. If 

they have it, they mark it off. We keep playing until everyone

 has a Bingo, that way they get through the entire chapter.

 They were excited to have a different way to go through the scripture block
I don’t have a file I can send you, I did a search online for free Bingo Board. 
After reading through Moroni 8, I picked out different things I wanted them to learn. 
I wrote out questions. 
Then gave them the scripture reference, once they found it, they read the scripture searching for the answer.
If they think they had the correct answer, they then looked on their Bingo card for the word. If they found it, they could mark the word off on their Bingo card.

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