Moroni 10:4-5 Activity

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Post-it notes are this teacher’s best friend. Every word, comma, semi-colon, period, and number is on a separate post-it note. I bought the 3×5 size at the dollar store over the summer so that large words would not be crowded on a square post-it. For smaller words and punctuation, I cut them in half.I place the Post-it notes with all over the wall in random order and they have to place them in order on the wall next to them.Two other ideas using this same concept:1)When I do this again, I will hand each team a Zip-loc bag with the Post-it notes mixed up in random order and placed inside the bag. 2)I have also done this in “Scavenger Hunt” style where I tell the students that there are 45 (or whatever number there are) Post-it notes hidden around the building. They have to find them and bring them back to the Cultural Hall where they must put them in order to determine what the scripture is and that all the words and punctuation marks are in the correct place. (This works better with shorter scriptures as it can take too long if there are a lot of words to find and put together)
I find it is important that the students work in smaller groups so everyone participates. Because it is the beginning of the year, I allowed them to use their scriptures to put the words in order. No, wait, I required all of them to open their own copy of the scriptures and check their work. No looking over someone else’s shoulder or depending on your team mate to do all the work. Once they had their scripture words in order, they rotated to the next group to check their work. Several of the students have memorized this scripture already as we started the year with reading Moroni 10.

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