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By Lorraine Chatwin Reschke Lorraine Chatwin Reschke:
#dandc46 Karen Best Scholl posted a beautiful rendition of Glorius performed by her talented daughter. I found a children’s choir version that is beautiful, too, but illustrates the words to the song, that each of us plays a “part,” like a symphony. Different children sang solos and all together sounded like a symphony. Worked so well after using the puzzle pieces that the lesson suggested (I printed a picture of youth on the back of it, to further illustrate the message that we all have gifts and each of us is important in the whole picture).
48(3 days ago)

Amy Wright Phister: I love it! (3 days ago)

Julee Robinson: Thanks for sharing this rendition! LOve it! (3 days ago)

Kristen Bradshaw Danielson: Love!! I’m past this section though. Wonder what other section it would go with (3 days ago)

Violet Dawn Berg: I could listen to this song all day long!! (3 days ago) 2

Lorraine Chatwin Reschke: Violet Dawn Berg, I have been listening to this song ALL day long, in my head :) Kristen Bradshaw Danielson, it would work with any section dealing with “individual worth” or even unity. The solos are nice, but what beautiful music they make when they all sing together! The youtube version is better quality than this download. (3 days ago) 2

Kristen Bradshaw Danielson: It’s gorgeous
Thanks! (3 days ago)

Karen Best Scholl: That’s my second favorite!!! (

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