Modern Day Armor of God

By Linda Davenport Monroe

Linda Davenport Monroe


#DandC27 #ArmorOfGod Modern Day Armor of God (idea from September 2014 New Era) with a bullet proof vest and baton. I used Nerf gun darts (devil’s darts) and wrote on them vices Satan uses to keep us from reaching our goal of Eternal Life. I threw the devil darts out at various students and they read what was written on the darts; I then had them toss their dart at our armored student to show how these vices could not penetrate the body armor. I shared my testimony that Satan wants them, and this is why the Lord has given us guidelines to protect us and bring us safely back to Him.

Amy Jones Griffeth


I loved the modern armor in the New Era and my class did too… is that you above? That’s awesome! I printed out that New Era thing back to back and then laminated it for my class so they could keep it handy.

Source:: LDS Seminary Teacher Group

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