Mix it up

By Rachel Murphy Rachel Murphy:
#dandc58 This morning in seminary I took my kitchen aide mixer and a carton of heavy cream. I asked the kids “What happens if I pour this cream in to the bowl?” They said, “It’s just sits there doing nothing and will eventually spoil.” We talked about our #scripturemastery D&C 58:27 and how we have to be anxiously engaged in a good cause and moving and doing in order to bring about goodness and righteousness.

So we let the mixer engage for about 15 minutes while we divided in to two small groups and we discussed a list of questions I had for verses 26-33 and how we can be anxiously engaged in our homes/school/church/lives. 15 minutes later we had homemade butter! Then I brought mini bagels for the butter.

We had some really good points made in the discussion as they talk about being engaged in the moment and how sometimes in the age of social media that is hard. But that 58:27 is a great modern day application to help with that.

I sure love an object lesson that involves homemade butter and bagels

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