Missionary Preparation-Outward And Inward

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Paul as a Missionary and Missionaries TodayWe discussed the preparations a missionary makes and compared our preparations to Paul’s preparations. We discussed why Paul was so effective and could each with power (he focused on the spiritual-inward preparations and did not concern himself with what the world thought of him)One of my students recently received a mission call and I began the lesson asking about the instructions he received with his mission call and the list he was to bring. It was a great lead in to discuss missionary preparation. I pointed out that although good grooming and hygiene is expected of them and should be a priority, sometimes missionaries become caught up in the outward preparations (ties, luggage, white shirts, camera, shoes, coat, pants, belts, hat, etc.) and do not give the same attention to the inward (spiritual) preparation. For each neck tie (outward appearance) we named an inward preparation (spiritual) to focus on. Some of those choices were: worthy music, avoiding violent video games, movies, etc. , no serious dating relationships, going on teaching appointments with the full-tme missionaries in your area, studying the scriptures, reading Preach My Gospel, obtaining a Patriarchal Blessing, preparing for the temple, honoring baptismal covenants, and on and on. We had named a spiritual (inward) preparation to match each tie by the time we were done.
 Again, I discussed that supportive, sturdy shoes were important for missionaries as they plan their wardrobes, yet they should not be the focus of missionary preparation.
 To further develop this message, you can display cameras, socks, pants, belts, journals, etc.
This was an effective visual and encouraged positive, thoughtful discussion.It was also a very easy visual to collect. One swoop through my husband’s closet and I was set.

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