Missionaries Then And Now Lesson Plan

Downloaded from: http://primarynotes29.blogspot.com/2013/10/missionaries-then-and-now-lesson-plan.html


1) Stripling WarriorsWho were they? (Link to LDS.org resources)See OCD Chorister’s visual for the Stripling Warriors.

2) Modern Missionaries Talk about being a Missionary nowadays. 3) Learn/Sing Bring the World His Truth (#172) Sing through first and second verse a few times.

4) Stripling Warrior/Missionary Lyric Showdown

  • Enlist all children to be in the “Army”. Everyone must sing for us to be successful. They will hum and march to help our “Captains”.
  • Have two buzzers up front.
  • Invite two children up to be the “Captains”. Dress one Captain in headband and cape, other wears a tie and missionary badge.
  • Pianist plays Bring The World His Truth (#172).
  • Children in the “Army” hum and march (or clap rhythm).
  • When Pianist stops playing Captains race each other to buzz in first to see who knows the next lyrics
  • —*Maybe keep tab marks on the board under the names“Stripling Warriors” and “Modern Missionaries”


  • print OCD Choritser’s Stripling Warriors
  • Stripling Warrior scripture/summary
  • print out lyrics
  • a headbands, a cape / a tie, missionary badge

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