May~ Why Is It Important To Study The Scriptures?

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These handouts go along with the lesson from May “Why is it important to study the scriptures?”

This printable goes along with this part of the lesson:

  • Ask each young woman to read one of the scriptures suggested in this outline. Ask her to draw a picture that represents what her scripture teaches, and invite the rest of the class to guess what the scripture says about the importance of scripture study. What experiences can the young women share in which they have seen the importance of scripture study in their own lives?

 I was going to have the girls draw a scripture out of a hat and then they have to illustrate the scripture on on page of their Come Follow Me INB and tell about it on the other page.
Then, I will partner them up with someone.  They will show their partner their illustration. (see below) and will have their page with their description facing them without their partner seeing.
Their partner will have to try and guess what the scripture is saying by looking at the picture.
Download Scripture Talk HERE

Then, I will have the girls write a question they may have on a piece of paper.  For example: How do I know when I have been forgiven?, How do I know I am a Daughter of God?, How do I know Heavenly Father answers prayers? etc….
Girls will crumble them up into a ball and throw it into the center of the class.  Like “snowballs”.  The girls when then pic up a “snowball’/someone else’s question.  They will write the question on this handout below.  Then, they will find scriptures to answer that YW’s question.
While the girls are looking for scriptures, I will post the questions on the board.  Then, when the girl’s have a scripture(s) to answer the question they will post it on the board next to the question. 

Girls can write the questions and scripture references for all the girls (from the board) in the grid below to use for future reference.
Download these Answering Questions through Scriptures lesson helps HERE.
Hope this helps!! :)

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