March Atonement Lesson: What Is Grace? & How Can The Atonement Help Me Through My Trials? Booklet Printable

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This lesson goes with the March: Atonement questions:What is Grace?&How can the Atonement Help Me through My Trials?
Booklet:Download HERE  or in Dropbox HEREYou need to copy the pages back to back.  So, you have 4 pages.  Copy the first two back to back.  And then the second two back to back.  Then staple. :)COVER  p.1 & p.2P.1~  I used for my object lesson at the beginning of my lesson.  I gave each girl a book with a post it note on it.  I had the girls write a trial they might have or a friend has on the post it note.  I had a dictionary too that I wrote “sins” on the post it note.  I had a young women come to the front of the room.  Each girl came and put her “trial” on the girl’s arms.  And then we put the “sins” on her arms too.  I had her stand there holding them with her hands a little extended for as long as she could.  Once she said she needed help, I put my hands under her arms to help her carry the weight of the “trials & “sins”.  Then, I asked her if it would be easier if we removed the “sins”.  Since the dictionary was the heaviest part… she said yes!  I took away the sins.  I asked who the YW represented.  Correct response: US.  I asked who I represented.  Correct response: Jesus Christ.  I explained that just how I helped the YW carry the weight of her trials, Jesus Christ can do the same for us because he experienced the pain of the trials through the Atonement.  Then, I explained how Jesus Christ was able to remove the weight of the sins because of the Atonement also.  
The girls seemed to like the object lesson and got it. :)  I drew and had them label the different parts of the object lesson on p. 1
I left it blank on the printable in case you wanted to draw the pit with the ladder illustration they have in the lesson “What is Grace?” instead of the one I used. :)
P. 2~ Was just some quotes I liked that went with my object lesson.  These quotes came from the lessons above.p.3 & p.4These pages were used for the partner/group work activity I divided the girls into 4 groups.  Had them draw which example they would have.  They had to read the scriptures related and excerpt from Elder Bednar’s talk from the Atonement/Trials lesson.I just printed his talk.  Cut out the parts from each of these examples and stuck it behind the pic from the Gospel Art Kit I used.  This is the story when they came back from getting Ishmael’s daughters and bound Nephi.  Then, they were going to leave him to the beasts to die.But, I used this pic, since it was the only one I had from the Gospel Art Kit.
This is the story of the pioneer that Elder Bednar shared.  I cut the story out of his talk and put it behind this pic.

This took about 15 mins of class.  The girls took about 5 mins to read the story.  5 mins. to write down their part in their booklet and on their construction paper.  And then about 5 mins. to discuss and share with the class.This is called the Jigsaw method in teaching. :)  Each group took a piece of the lesson and presented it to get the whole picture of the lesson. So, as the girls would present their story the other YW would fill in that part in their booklet.
This saves on time of reading each story together as a class.  And help involve the girls and getting them teaching!

p.5 & p.6
P.5~  Share the Video “God Will Lift Us Up” from the “How can the Atonement Help Me Through My Trials?”I loved using this quote from Elder Bednar’s talk to help answer the first question:Why do trials happen to good people?The grand objective of the Savior’s gospel was summarized succinctly by President David O. McKay (1873–1970): “The purpose of the gospel is … to make bad men good and good men better, and to change human nature.”1Thus, the journey of mortality is to progress from bad to good to better and to experience the mighty change of heart—to have our fallen natures changed (see Mosiah 5:2).
P. 6~  Apply the principle taught to themselves!Have them fill in the chart, just how they did for the stories, to apply it to their own lives!
Hope you find this helpful!You can glue this booklet into the INB too!  You can just apply glue to the back page of the booklet and glue it in!  Or you can cut each half page and glue it in.
I moved to a new ward and they called me into YW :)So, they don’t have the INBs, so I did the booklet concept for my lesson.  I haven’t told them about the INBs……. yet. :)

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