Magic Color Cups

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I found the idea here, on Primary Singing Ideas.

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    1) Fill clear containers (ie: plastic drinking cups) with 3/4 cup water and 1/3 cup vinegar. (the ratio can be varied, but more vinegar= more fizz). PLACE CONTAINERS on a BAKING SHEET. This WILL MAKE A MESS!!!!

    2) Place one small drop of food coloring on a metal spoon (don’t use clear spoons, since you can see the color on the other side), then place a heaping teaspoon of baking soda on top, or enough to make sure the food coloring is covered.

    3) Have a child come up and pick a spoon to stir in a cup of “water”.

    It will fizz like crazy and remain clear while fizzing, so make sure they keep stirring.
    Once the fizz has settled down, the color will show up.

    I will be using 6 different colors. red, green, yellow, blue, orange (one drop yellow and one drop red), and purple (one drop red and one drop blue)

    (Notice the water on the bottom of the baking sheet? It WILL bubble over and make a mess. Paper towels would be a good idea to bring…)

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    —AS A REVIEW: Color of the water = a color on the board that represents the song we are to sing.
    —LEARNING LYRICS: Color of the water is the color of words written on a white board or chalk board. Erase the words written in that color.
    —Would be fun with the song When I Am Baptized (…I like to lookfor rainbows…)

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