Looking up to God

By Debbie Thomas
Debbie Thomas:
Friday I taught #dandc50. I used the suggestion of someone else on here for the object lesson of looking up to God. Near the beginning of the lesson I had my class (9 students) kneel in a circle. I put a cake pan in the center and told them that I was going to drop candy in it and whoever got it could keep it. After fifteen or so times, I dropped a raw egg in the pan. They still went for it. It was hilarious. They loved the lesson it taught about God and watching out for Satan’s tricks. An added bonus, two of the students kept looking up to see what kind of candy I was going to drop so they saw the egg and didn’t grab for it. Thanks for sharing the idea!!
31(7 hours ago)

Janet Fullenwider Warren: I used a brown egg and it didn’t break–not in any of my three classes. I think the white ones have thinner shells FYI :-) (7 hours ago) 1

Susan Kendrick: Love this idea…!!! (7 hours ago) 1

Erika Yeates Glatt: Love it (6 hours ago)

Elaine Henson: Thank you, definitely going to use that! (6 hours ago)

Pam Mueller: Great idea! Can you edit your post and add #danc50 please? (6 hours ago) 1

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