Link: The Post Mortal Spirit World Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

By Jeanne Gilmore Merrell Jeanne Gilmore Merrell:
There have been some discussions about the assessment. Our area CES guy told us last Sunday night at our inservice that we shouldn’t think of it as a regular “test.” He said the point is to make sure the kids are learning the information. He suggested familiarizing the kids with the test so that it won’t be a big deal when “test day” comes. So yesterday we played Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and used the power point posted by Margaret Couts Richardson a few days ago for the questions. We played the game as suggested on the website below with all 11 kids all on one team and called them up one by one to answer a question. The life lines they had available for help were fellow class members, their scriptures, their scripture mastery cheat sheets, and Call the Expert. I had arranged with my daughter who lives in another state to be available by cell phone with the answer key. We did call her for one of the questions on speaker phone. We didn’t get through all of the questions and I’m thinking we will do another activity with the assessment questions, but I think it was good for the kids to see that the questions are not that difficult. We don’t play games that often and I think they enjoyed it. Everyone answered their questions correctly, so everyone got a 100 grand bar!
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The Post Mortal Spirit World Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

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