Link: John the Baptist: A Burning and a Shining Light – Ensign Sept. 1972 – ensign


Verse 28 talks about John being ordained by an angel, rather than his father Zacharias, who was a high priest. This article provides great insight, summed up in this quote:

President Joseph Fielding Smith has explained the matter of John’s ordination as follows:

“The reason Zacharias could not ordain John is because of the fact that John received certain keys of authority which his father Zacharias did not possess. Therefore this special authority had to be conferred by this heavenly messenger, who was duly authorized and sent to confer it. John’s ordination was not merely the bestowal of the Aaronic Priesthood, which his father held, but also the conferring of certain essential powers peculiar to the time among which was the authority to overthrow the kingdom of the Jews and ‘to make straight the way of the Lord.’ Moreover, it was to prepare the Jews and other Israelites for the coming of the Son of God. This great authority required a special ordination beyond the delegated power that had been given to Zacharias or any other priest who went before him, so the angel of the Lord was sent to John in his childhood to confer it.”

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