Link: D&C Learning Assessment Review Jeopardy Template

By Nicholas Hansen Nicholas Hansen:
Here’s a Jeopardy Review game for the D&C Learning Assessment:

26(2 hours ago)

Heather James: This is awesome, thank you and well done! (2 hours ago)

Karen Rahman: OHHHH, My family just played this, IT IS AWESOME! Thank you!! (2 hours ago)

Marilyn Montgomery Lewis: This is so great. I can hardly wait to play it with my class! (1 hour ago)

Kristen Bradshaw Danielson: Big thank you!!!! Just in time! I need it for Tuesday and was hoping someone put one together!!! Bless you (1 hour ago)

Ann Kvarnfors Hollon: Sharing with my teachers, Thank you! (1 hour ago)

Kimber Grange: ok. sorry! I’m a sub and have been asked to review the assessment with the kiddos. This is fabulous. But. How do you use it at church? Do you download it or does this work over the wifi? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel. Thanks so much ahead of time! (1 hour ago)

Lorraine Chatwin Reschke: Thanks! I know the kids will love this! We have done NO reviewing yet since we are trying to catch up on lessons since we have seminary only four days a week. (1 hour ago)

Sonya G. Woodland: Yay!! Fantastic!! (1 hour ago)

Kirsten Thomas Fitzgerald: So many things to do….so little time! Thanks for sharing this! (

Read more here:: Link: D&C Learning Assessment Review Jeopardy Template

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