Link: D and C 76 Game – The Red Headed Hostess

It's a Friday, but I need to have a lesson because of missed days this month caused by snow, so I'm covering #DandC76 using the Red Headed Hostess' Game Scripture-a-Noid. Get the knowledge, keeping it fun
Probably a dumb question, but why is the name Scripture-a-noid? Is it based on another game? We are playing this tomorrow so I figured I should know in case one of the kids ask ;)
This sounds like a great way to review what we are learning this week in section 76. I am confused though.. . So the kids draw the symbols on to the answer sheet A1, B3 etc. then we go through the questions. I am confused as to where they write the answer and how the point work? It must be late and my brain is tired. Can youhelp me understand? give me the pre-school version. ;-)
Link: D&C 76 Game - The Red Headed Hostess 1
HA! Ok I never scrolled down to see the 2nd page... makes perfect sense now.

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