Link: 7 Negative Side Effects of Coffee – Health Ambition

By Cheryl DS Tibalao
Cheryl DS Tibalao:
I’m going to use this article in my lesson regarding #wordofwisdom
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7 Negative Effects of Coffee & The Healthy Drink You Should Replace it With

Sally Avena: I might get myself in trouble/make myself unpopular for saying this, but it kind of makes me cringe when I see the WofW backed up with studies like this. Being married to a scientist, I see that science can write things so that the data backs it up, no matter what. Not to say that we should distrust science completely, but that there are studies out there that really aren’t giving the big or full picture of the outcome they got. They are just using the ‘evidence’ to show what they want, because that is where the $ is. Just look at all of the studies that say one glass of wine a day is actually good for you or even a cup of coffee is good for you. All this to say, that when it comes to the WofW, I don’t want my testimony based on what science says, but rather what it states in the scriptures. Hope that all makes sense. I would just hate for one of the kids to come back with a study that says the complete opposite… (2 hours ago)

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