Lesson Plans: September 2014

By Erin Isenberg In September of 2014, most of us will be focussed on Primary Program review. Try the activities on my page Review Links for the 2014 Primary Program. There you’ll find a list of activities, games, tips and tools for your upcoming performance. You might even consider trying one of these fun arrangements of the 2014 songs.

Since September 21 is the first day of fall (or spring in the Southern Hemisphere), you could work the program songs into a game of Autumn Opposite Day (or this Spring activity).

Don’t forget, though, that the program is not meant to be the the focus of Primary. Spend some time reinforcing the weekly themes.

On week 1, the subject is “I show my gratitude by offering thanks for all my blessings. You might want to teach the cute song, Can a Little Child Like Me. Or, try the gift option of the Gratitude Activity and discuss the blessings we’ve been given in our lives. Bring it all together with a short review of My Heavenly Father Loves Me.

On week 3, try teaching one of my favorite old primary songs, “I Believe in Being Honest.” If you want to keep the lesson short, just teach the first three pages.

The week 4 subject is “By living the gospel I set a good example for others to follow.” Start out with a couple of rounds of “Do as I’m Doing” with the help of these adorable cards by Susan Fitch Design. ?Then teach one of my favorite missionary songs, “The Things I Do.”

Source:: Lessons from an OCD Primary Chorister

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