Lesson Plans: January 2014

Downloaded from: http://ocdprimarychorister.blogspot.com/2013/12/lesson-plans-january-2014.html

1.  Introduce the song of the month by discussing Christ’s birth, life, resurrection and example.
2.  Teach the song “He Sent His Son” by matching the questions to the elements of Christ’s life.  
3.  Practice the song “He Sent His Son” with the “Who Sings Now” activity, but instead of splitting the primary between Verses 1 and 2, have one group sing the Questions and one group sing the Answers.
4.  Play a memory game by turning all of the visual aides from the flip chart around and having the children match the questions with the answers.  Split the primary into two groups.  Have one group try to make a match.  If they succeed, they get to pick a song to sing.  If they don’t make a match, sing “He Sent His Son.”
5.  Discuss other gifts that Heavenly Father has given us with the second option under the Thanksgiving Turkey activity.  (Print the gifts instead of the turkey.)  Or use the Valentines Activity.  
6.  Have a Primary Song Showcase.  Ask members of the ward to come to Primary and perform each of the new songs for 2014.  
7.  Explain that if we are to live like Christ, we must know more about him.  Use the Character Traits of Christ Activity.
8.  Review the song by introducing the Song Birds activity.
9.  Consider spending a week singing the favorite song of each new Sunbeam to help them feel welcome and get them involved.  Make sure to read the article “How to Help New Sunbeams Pay Attention.”

10.  Use the Dynamics Practice to get the children to repeat the song many times and really listen to what the words mean.  Consider using the YouTube link in the post to tie “He Sent His Son” to “I’m Trying to be Like Jesus” in order to reinforce the message.

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