Lesson Planning: Don’t forget the student manual

By Jenny Smith
Jenny Smith:
I wanted to mention something I found while preparing last week’s lesson: the stories in the student manual are often better or extended compared to the teacher manual. For example in #dandc45, the student manual has a great extended explanation of the parable of the #tenvirgins from SWK. It’s not present in the teacher manual.

If you’re like me and wanting more background or explanation, the student manual may help.

Also, if you’re trying to encourage scripture journaling, the student manual questions are better suited for that since they’re geared more toward writing.

I find the student manual questions to be less formulaic and geared toward thinking than the teacher manual. If you are starting to feel like you’re teaching the same lesson over and over because the lesson follows the same question process over and over, try the student manual.

Also, the student manual has more, bigger pictures. :)

I’ve used student manual activities every year at least as much as I use the teacher manual.
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Jenny Smith: By student manual, I mean the student study guide, or home study manual. (35 minutes ago) 1

Eleace Monet Zachary: I agree. I have found that the kindle version of the teacher manual has more stories or quotes than the print version. The kindle version has a lot of what the student manual has. I refer to that version most of the time. (4 minutes ago)

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