Lehi’s Vision Activity

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I adapted this activity on one I have used in the past.Click HERE for detailsToday, it was all about avoiding the Large and Spacious Building (aka-the floor)If you look closely, they are all standing on a paper plate When my students entered class, they had a paper plate and a marker at their seat. As we discussed ways to protect ourselves from being  distracted by the world, staying focused on the Tree in Lehi’s Vision (God’s Love and the Atonement of Jesus Christ), etc.,  I had them write those things on their paper plate. Some of them took it very seriously and wrote specific things like what type of friends they need, who they should/should not date, caution in media choices, etc. Once we were done, we went into the Cultural Hall for this game. I altered it by requiring them to keep their arms linked to the people on both sides of them. This made them work together and support each other on their journey through the mists of darkness and finally to the Tree of Life. At the end, we returned to the classroom and discussed the parallels of this activity to real life, staying close to positive peers, staying on the path, focusing on the end, avoiding the distractions of the world, etc.

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