{Lds Printable} Missionary Countdown Chart For Elders

Downloaded from: http://littleldsideas.blogspot.com/2013/07/lds-printable-missionary-countdown.html

Do you have a missionary out?Then you’ll love this great printable.
Countdown the days of your missionary’s mission days! This missionary countdown chart is a different style than all the others (pyramids and temples) – just something fun and new. It also counts down from 730 instead of counting up to 365 and then back down. Start with the middle dot, spiral outward, then complete each point on the star. Keep track of dates and special notes and attach fun photos.
This great countdown chart comes from Michelle Rowan of ‘Everything Charts’.She happens to be the daughter of Randal Chase of ‘Making Precious Things Plain’. Michelle is sharing her great Missionary chart on her father’s blog, and it’s FREE! So head on over to get your Missionary Countdown Chart.Click HERE for the pdf file!
Thanks Michelle!
And thanks for stopping by!sheena

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