Law of Consecration Game and Quotes

Two items for you. One for Sections 50 and the other for section 51.
Section 51 is my favorite sections for some of the details of the Law of Consecration and how it was implemented. This game shares how it can succeed and why it would also fail. Break your class into groups of 5. If there are a couple extra, you can have them be groups of 6, with one playing solely the bishop’s part. Explain that you have a treat (candy or something) for the winners but to not explain if it is for the individual winners, or the team. The instructions for the game are on the game sheet. You should see that as people are selfish, the group members all fail. As they are honest and work together, they all succeed.
For Section 50 the manual says that “some strange notions and false spirits had crept in among” the Saints but never says how VERY strange it was. The document below says some of those VERY BIZARRE people were doing. They are also shared in the Doctrine & Covenants Institute Student Manual in the intro to Section 50. Very interesting to read. I have taught this by at the beginning of class, ask the students what the Spirit feels like. Then after having a few share the peaceful and wonderful feelings the Spirit brings, I ask a student to come up and look up and spin in a circle, at the same time. After a while I stop them and ask how they feel. Usually it is kind of thrilling. Then I ask, “Is that feeling the Spirit? How is it different?” Then we talk about Satan’s counterfeits for the Spirit and read the weird stuff these inexperienced new member were doing and how Satan was trying to fool them with a counterfeit. Then we talk about how if Satan tries to do that today. Sometimes churches will try to create the thrill of a Big Concert experience in this same way.

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