Lamb & Lion

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I call this one… Lamb/Lion, aka Piano/Forte, aka Hot/Cold. Sometimes I’m indecisive. :)

image sourceTHE PLAN:

March is in like a lamb, out like a lion. (Or vica versa), right?

First 10 MIN:
Make a lamb and a lion on popcicle sticks.
Lamb – sing Piano (soft)
Lion – sing Forte (loud). *sing, not scream!

Second 10 MIN:
Play hot/cold. One child goes out into the hallway. Another hides an item. The children sing Forte like a Lion if the ‘finding’ child is close to finding the item or Piano like a Lamb if they’re far away.


  • A singing meter poster with a lion and a lamb (or cutouts on sticks)
  • An item to hide for hot/cold

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