July Come Follow Me~ What does it mean to take upon myself the name of Jesus Christ?

By Ashley

These handouts/activities go with the Come Follow Me lesson:
Before the lesson I plan to put one of these “name tags” on all the YW’s shirts.
At the beginning of my lesson I was going to show a picture of my Great Grandmother Lucelle Eliza Taylor. My middle name is Lucelle because I was named after her. I will share with them a little history about her- she served on the General Primary Board. Her husband was Vice President of BYU working along side President Wilkinson. She was a magnificent woman who had served a lot in the church.
Then, I will share the first 3 paragraphs of Elder Arnold’s talk: What Have You Done with My Name?
I will then explain the name tags as we read D&C 20:37, 77
I will explain that when we made a covenant with God that we are willing to take upon us the name of Christ, it is like we are willing to wear his “name tag” with us always.
We will then do this bullet from the Come Follow Me lesson:
Below is a pic of the pages found in the DOWNLOAD HERE.
Page 1
Page 1 can be used with the above bullet discussing “What Have You Done with My Name?” talk.

Page 2
Page 2 can be used with the “Dare to Stand Alone” video.
I added a little applying the scriptures part you can choose whether to use or not. :)
It’s using the story of Abinadi as an example of how we should always stand as a witness of Christ because you never know who is watching or will be effected by your testimony or actions.

I encouraged the girls to wear their “Jesus Christ” name tag the entire day. Then I posted a “selfie” :) on Instagram pointing to my Jesus Christ sticker. In the description I said “Who is still wearing it? Mosiah 18:9 {YW Theme} #standingasawitness #YWtheme #YWlessontoday. I then tagged all my YW peeps and told them to post a picture and tag their YW classmates. :)

Source:: Apples 4 Bookworms – Ashley

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