Joseph Smith

By [email protected] (Pam Mueller)

Spent three days studying Joseph Smith History this week. I wanted them to see they have a lot in common with him. (Fellow seminary teacher, Barb Gardner shared this idea) I put various names of objects on slips of paper and had them pick one out. They had to complete the sentence “I am like a ___________ because…
It was fun to hear their responses.
Then they picked another slip of paper and completed the same sentence. (They did not know they each of them had the name Joseph Smith.) They were not to share the name with their neighbor. There were a few groans as some of them wanted to pick another name saying they had nothing in common with the name.
After some thought, they each came up with something varying from “I want to know truth” to “I get persecuted”
Awesome way to end the lesson. They made the connection that Joseph Smith was a man, he had weaknesses yet did great things. They, too, can and will do great things!

Source:: Seminary Moments – Pam Mueller

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