Jesus Has Risen Handbell Chart

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preview of my handbell chart for Jesus Is Risen
8×10 pages
The following link is: my handbell chart for Jesus Has Risen (in Google Docs)

I have the basic Key of C one octave no-brand-name handbells. This chart is made it for Jesus Has Risen: [*Key of C Major, ¾ time sig.]. *To change the key of the piano sheet music go to song on the the music player on *There is a copy of the sheet music in the Key of C in my Google Doc.

It will be tricky to get the kids and the piano to start at the same time. I have taught the kids that I will do 2 silent leads of the 3-beat pattern. I raise my left on the second “3” beat to let them know we’re there! – both hands up and.. GO! (Tip: Give the first note to the kid who watches you the best).

I put handbells on the sheet music (Key of C)
as a handout/homework for the kids who will be performing for Easter.

Bell graphics from Handbell Heaven

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