Jarom Omni Relay

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 Scripture Dig for #Jarom-Omni-Words of Mormon
Prepare a copy of the questions on a different color of paper for as many teams as you need. The object is to “dig into the scripture block as quickly as possible. One person from each team takes question #1 from the pile, takes it back to their team where they “dig” out the answer. As soon as they have found it, another team member comes and takes a question from the pile, answers it, then #3 and so on until all the questions in that round are answered. They can write the answer on the paper with the question or another piece of paper. After each round, go over the answers, giving a point for each correct answer. 
Round One-Jarom
1. Who does Jarom benefit? (the Lamanites)2. The Holy Spirit makes manifest according to__________. (their faith)3. Name two weapons they used. (arrow, quiver, dart, javelin)4. Who had more people, the Lamanites or the Nephites? (the Lamanites)5. What were they looking forward to? (the Messiah)6. To whom did Jarom give the plates? (Omni)
Round Two-Omni
1. How many verses did Omni, who was wicked, write? (three)
2. What did Amaron write about what happened to the more wicked part of the Nephites? (they were destroyed)
3. What did the Lord do for the rioghteous? (spared them)
4. How many verses did Chemish, who was the brother of Amaron, write? (one)
5. Who was the king over Zarahemla at the time? (Mosiah)
6. When Mosiah left the Land of Zarahemla, what did he discover? (the people of Zarahemla)

Round Three-Omni
1. Did the people of Zarahemla beleive in God? (no)
2. Whose language was used? (Mosiah’s)
3. The stone engravings that Mosiah interpreted were of whose’s people? (Coriantmur’s people)
4. How long was Coriantmur with the people of Zarahemla? (9 months)
5 .To whom did Amaleki give the small plates of Nephi? (Benjamin)
6.What happened to all but 50 of those who went back down to the Land of Nephi? (all were slain)
Idea came  from a wonderful teacher: Sharon Prescott HaynieI did not have colored paper, I just printed on white copy paper.I then took a marker and numbered the questions. Different color for each team.First team done with all the questions, I gave three points to. We went over the questions and each team that got the answer correctly, got a point. The winning team, ended up winning by the three point lead they had from finishing first.

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