Jacob 1 & 2 Worksheet

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Picture  As teachers, we are to help our students learn to identify doctrines and principles in the scriptures. This can be difficult because most of our students haven’t really learned what doctrines and principle are. This Jacob 1&2 worksheet helps them in the initial step of seeing what well written statements of doctrine and principle look like.   It is also a spring board to teach those powerful doctrines and principle to your class. Click on the picture to get the worksheet.  After they have gone through the worksheet with their partner, have different groups read the verses and ask the class what they picked and why.  Ask why that is an important doctrine or principle to know for life.
          Later you will want to help your class learn to construct their own statements of principle.  The following link is a great lesson idea of how to do that and it can be used with most any block of scripture. http://nwseminaryshare.weebly.com/1/post/2013/04/scripture-study-skills-lesson-3-fishing-for-principles.html

By the way, I’ve had a tragic accident with the website.  I was making changes with my other website and I accidently deleted my blog page on this website. So in essence, all my past blog posts are gone.  LUCKILY, I have archived all the ideas I’ve shared under then tabs at the top of the page: Scripture Mastery, BOM Teaching Ideas, and Seminary Resources.  So it isn’t as bad as it could have been.  Still, it is quite frustrating. Sorry for the inconvenience if any.  

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