It Is All In The Approach

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As I have been preparing to teach The Book of Mormon curriculum for early morning Seminary, I set a goal to read the entire Book of Mormon over the summer.
At first, I took an academic approach, reading and taking notes much like I would in any class setting. I marked all the Scripture Mastery verses and embarked upon my study. I wanted to make sure  was prepared to teach my students every detail of The Book of Mormon.
I was enjoying my reading but something was missing. Something was a little “off”. I analyzed the time of day and places I was reading. I minimized distractions and continued to be consistent in my studies. I was filling pages of my journal with notes and still felt there was something I was missing.
One day, it hit me…
I was reading “just to finish” and my approach was not always spiritual.
Many times, I decided, I was approaching my reading as I would any other text book. I was taking notes in my journal, but not writing the things of my heart.  I had been more concerned with facts, dates, history, etc.
As soon as I stopped treating The Book of Mormon as a text book filled with facts and history, my focus shifted to a spiritual study. With this approach, I was focusing on the things of the spirit, the doctrines of pure love, forgiveness, obedience, and the atonement of Jesus Christ. I was able to view the facts and history as a support to the doctrines that would enter my heart and mind each time I read.
My notes changed to heart-felt journal entries recording the things of my heart. I know the Holy Ghost is testifying the truth of The Book of Mormon each time I read.
It does not matter where I sit or what time of day I read, when I approach my study of The Book of Mormon with the desire to be taught by the spirit, my heart and mind are open. I feel love and gratitude for a loving Father in Heaven. My days are blessed by the power of The Book of Mormon.
With this approach, I can testify to  my students the powerful doctrines taught in The Book of Mormon and hope that they will have the same experiences as they read.
I feel blessed by the power of The Book of Mormon each day.
I am grateful for this lesson and the opportunity to study and teach the words of the Lord.

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