Iron Rod 1 Nephi 15

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Often I see pictures of holding to the iron rod (Word Of God) depicted like this:To me this always looks easy. Just grab on and don’t let go. Walking easily forward. BUTit is not always easy. More often than not, this is how I feel:

I feel it is difficult. Things of this world pull at me from every direction. The rod seems so far above my reach.I just don’t have the strength to hang on.There are so many choices.Temptations.Good, Better, Best
After Nephi received a vision similar to the vision his father, Lehi had received, he returned to his father’s tentThere he found his brother’s disputing over Lehi’s teachings. Nephi chastised his brothers for their hard-heartedness and reminded them how to receive revelation for themselves
Why is it harder for some us to grasp hold of the iron rod?
I love this! We burden ourselves with so many things. We feel everything is important.We simply HAVE to keep doing it all and having it all!
The answer may be found in 1 Nephi 15:9
Like Laman and Lemuel,”We have not inquired of the Lord”
If we ask, we will learn for ourselves just what is important. We will understand gospel truths when we hear them.When we heed the word of God and keep His commandments, blessings will come to us. We will have an easier time hanging on to the rod.

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